How to Care for Your Feet During the Summer

summer feet careYour feet take a beating every summer whether you know it or not. Playing in the pool, sitting on the beach, and enjoying barefoot days all contribute to the dry, cracked skin you hate to feel and no one else likes to touch. Getting the skin on your feet healthy again takes time, but with the right foot creams and products you’ll learn to love your feet again. It just takes a little bit of good applied foot knowledge to ensure your feet survive the Summer. Here are a few ways you can keep your feet Summer happy!

Apply Sunscreen

If you’re going to be enjoying a little fun in the sun, then sunscreen is necessary. Most people slather on the sun block everywhere but their feet. The skin on the tops of your feet is delicate and needs protection. Whether you’re using a spray on sunscreen or a lotion, apply it generously to your feet and ankles. When you go to wear shoes later, you’ll be happy your feet aren’t burned.

Avoid Sandals

Flip flops, slide-ons, sandals, whatever you like to call them, are bad for your feet. Sandals leave your feet exposed to dirt and germs, making them more prone to foot problems like athlete’s foot. Sandals tend to make most people’s feet dry because moisture is constantly being wicked away. A great foot cream should help with this problem.

Sandals also make your feet work harder when walking or standing because your toes automatically curl to grip the sandal to keep it from falling off. Over time, the bones in your toes can become deformed due to constantly gripping your sandals. Wear your sandals to the pool or beach but limit your time in them otherwise.

Use a Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is a naturally occurring stone created when lava and water mix then harden to form a stone. To remove hardened, dry skin on the bottom of your feet, gently rub a pumice stone over affected areas. You can find these stones in drug stores and cosmetic stores for a reasonable price. Dry skin is most easily removed when your feet have had time to soak in warm water.

Take Care of Nail Beds

Pedicures aren’t just for the pampered among us. A great pedicure will not only take care of your skin but also the health of your nail beds. Toes that have ingrown toenails or other nail problems tend to make your entire foot suffer. Cracked and blistered feet are often associated with unhealthy nail beds. Getting a pedicure periodically will help eliminate this problem.

Rub On a Quality Foot Cream

It’s hard to find a foot cream that does what it’s supposed to do. Regular lotion doesn’t always do the trick and even the most expensive products can be filled with chemicals that actually dry skin out. Keeping your skin moisturized is important to your overall health. Not only should you be drinking the recommended amount of water everyday, you should also be pampering your feet with the best foot creams available. There are many brands we recommend but ultimately, it’s up to you to read every label to understand what you’re putting on your skin.

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