How Do You Treat Dry Cracked Heels?

Feet take a beating from us everyday. Every individual spends at least some time on their feet during the day. Nurses run around all day, parents chase after their little ones, and construction workers wear heavy boots to work in. It’s no wonder that our feet end up looking and feeling gross! Oddly enough, they’re usually the last thing we take care of.

Dry, cracked heels happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s poor hygiene and other times it’s just genetics. Regardless of the reason, here are a few natural ways to cure your heels of their dryness.

Treating Cracked Heels with Olive Oil

Your heels dry out because the skin on the bottom of your feet lacks moisture or the natural oils your body usually produces. To give your heels the little boost they need, soak your feet in warm, soapy water and then scrub them with a pumice stone. After you’ve dried your feet, rub olive oil over your heels and slip a pair of socks on. You’ll want to keep them on all night to prevent the oil from getting on your sheets. In the morning, slip them off and pat your feet dry.

Use Epsom Salt

Chances are your grandma swore by this stuff for a variety of reasons. Turns out she knew a thing or two. To remove the dead skin on your heels, soak your feet in warm water with roughly half a cup of epsom salt mixed in depending on the size of your foot soaking tub. Let your feet soak for 10 minute and then rub a pumice stone on your heels. Pat your feet dry and apply a foot cream for good measure.

Soak Dry Heels in Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is useful for so many things and luckily, curing cracked heels is one of them.The acidity in lemon juice makes dry skin fall off and dissolve. Soak your heels in a bowl of lemon juice for several minutes. Use a soft foot brush to rub them clean after they’ve finished soaking. We strongly recommend you look for any cuts or open wounds on your feet before doing this. You’ll thank us for it later!

Apply a Daily Foot Cream

The key to reducing the chance of having dry heels is through preventative care. Before you go to bed every night, slather on a good foot cream that will soak into your heels overnight and give them the moisture they need to stay feeling and looking healthy. Some foot creams are better than other, so be aware of the ingredients used in the ones you choose. Some creams have ingredients that actually do more to dehydrate your skin than moisturize it.

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